What we do?

ARU Global Inc. Designs Marketing Awarness + Customer Acquisitions Campaigns for Long-Term Success.

All our campaigns are custom-built from the ground-up to generate sustainable momentum you can measure over the course of weeks and months.


Our Services


ARU Global Inc. is marketing firm that specializes in awareness + customer acquisition campaigns.
Whether it’s online, snail mail or a combination of both, we will custom build and execute a high-impact marketing plan that will drive exposure to your company and get the desired results.


Campaign Creation + Management

ARU provides a complete awareness + customer acquisition campaign that is scalable in budget from $1,000 up to $50,000+ a day.

  • Our team has been doing marketing and investor relations since 2003.
  • Created dozens of successful awareness campaigns in both digital and physical format


Copywriting + Design

The key to a successful awareness campaign is effective copywriting and design that engages and attracts consumers.

We have an experienced team of copywriters and work with leading direct response designers to craft effective marketing pieces that drive results



First, we’ll consult with you about your objectives. Then we’ll craft a personalized marketing plan and execute it according to the decided timeline. While each campaign is different, the workflow is like this:


Using proprietary newsletter subscriber and investor databases, we target the specific financial audience types that are most likely to perform. We can also tailor your campaign’s to maximize clicks or engagement (measured by time spent on page). In addition, we use the following strategies to amplify your results:

  • Modeling audiences based on demographics, likes/  interests, net worth, income, investment preferences
  • Behavioral ad display targeting
  • Retargeting leads to show ads as they view other   sites on the web
  • Real-time bidding management for optimal budget   performance.
  • Utilizing MRT + SRT Segments that allow us to  dynamically retarget relevant or a competitor site’s   traffic


The use of sponsored content enhances exposure and is an effective tool for awareness campaigns.

SPONSORED CONTENT Sponsored content articles are published on well-known financial websites. These act as excellent inital touch points for new prospects and are very powerful remarketing tools to re-engage leads that have already seen the landing page. All of the following publications are also syndicated through either Yahoo and Google, providing redistribution of your article on hundreds of other financial websites and enhancing your exposure exponentially.




Retargeting is a powerful way to drive people back to your landing page or investor presentation. With our solution, a potential investor that views your landing page will be “followed” around the web and served different customized ads on other websites. This retargeting tactic increases your company’s exposure to the best audience possible: one that’s already expressed interest in your company.

MRT + SRT Segments

We utilize ad platforms that allow MRT and SRT audience segmentation. This enables us to target (and retarget) people based on the contents of their inbox (i.e. emails from brokerages, previous purchases, financial subscriptions...etc) as well as their search and browsing history. This means we can target relevant or a competitor’s site traffic.

Knowing where your marketing dollars are spent is key to measuring the success of your campaign.

No need to guess where your money is being spent (or whether it was spent at all). ARU prides itself on offering transparency. We provide detailed, up-to-date reports showing a breakdown of ad performance metrics such as click-thru rate, impressions, dollar-spend, average time on page, ad copy, and which network/platform was used.


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